Weekly Review June 20th – 27th 2021

No cycling this week. Second time ever?

I think so… though I maybe wrong. It certainly feels odd.

There’s a valid reason though:

That’s right. For those who aren’t in the know, that’s a positive Covid test. My positive Covid test, to be exact. So I guess I wasn’t just feeling a little under the weather last weekend.

Honestly, this week hasn’t been fun. Mostly I’ve had a banging headache, though Sunday night and Monday were particularly bad. I’ve been bed ridden twice, so that’s not fun.

Whilst I can’t say for certain, what I do know is these are pretty much the exact symptoms I had about a year ago now. The crazy thing is, this time I am double vaccinated, for whatever that’s worth.

Anyway, I’m keeping this short and not necessarily sweet. It absolutely sucks, but right now the thought of doing even light exercise is off the cards. I’m wiped out. Hopefully I’ll improve towards the end of this week. Last time it took 2-3 weeks before I was starting to feel right again.

What a bloody mess.

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