Advanced Zwift Academy Finish Line Ride

Well, that’s it for Zwift Academy 2021. It took me until Make Up Week to get it done, but I finally saw it through and completed the Finish Line ride. Have to say, wasn’t looking forward to it. But I went in with a plan… and the end results have left me scratching my head. … Read more

Zwift Academy Recovery Ride Open (Again)

One that I had to do today. And thankfully as this one wasn’t a ‘guided’ ride, I could do whatever the heck I felt like without feeling like I wasn’t doing it improperly. So the ride aim was simple: stay within the “grey zone” or recovery area. Effectively don’t go above ~125w for the 45 … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 6 | FTP Boost

Seconds out, round 2. It’s been a funny couple of days – having to ride super late in the evening as I’m on single parent duty again. Ideally I would ride during the middle of the day, but work has been busy and I’ve not managed to get in a lunch time ride. The options … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 5 | Upper Threshold Blocks

Not sure if this one was the smartest of ideas, but regardless today I did Workout #5 in this years Zwift Academy series. Rather than doing this as a group ride I opted for the solo workout. If I could have been bothered, I would have waited the 15 minutes until the next one started … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 4 | Threshold Under/Overs

After yesterday’s big bag of meh, we got back into the good stuff. Today’s ride was Workout #4 of Zwift Academy 2021, and the start of the second half of the training series. Essentially this was a variation of a Sweet Spot Session workout (as far as I can tell), albeit ever so slightly less … Read more