Zwift Academy Road: Workout 3 | Lactate Tolerance

Bit miffed at myself for skipping yesterday. Feeling good on Monday and Tuesday, I just couldn’t find it within myself to do much of anything yesterday. Today was about making up for that. I always knew I was going to the Workout #3 of the Zwift Academy 2021 as my next ride, and was hoping … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 2 | Peak VO2 Intervals

No rest for the wicked. After yesterday’s Zwift Academy Road: Workout 1 | VO2 Over/Unders I decided to jump right into the next workout, given that it was available on the hour, every hour. And frankly, it’s too hot to ride outside at the moment. Too hot? Yes. 28c is too hot for me out … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 1 | VO2 Over/Unders

Right then. The late summer heatwave is upon us. 28c outside. What better weather to stay indoors and do the first Zwift Academy 2021 workout? 🙂 Here’s the spiel for ride 1: If you’ve been struggling to stay with your local group ride during climbs, this is the perfect session to develop the fitness needed … Read more

Advanced Zwift Academy Baseline Ride (Open)

Right then. What the heck was this all about? Call me late to the party, if you will (I’ve been called far worse), but this wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Now, I should preface this post with a huge disclaimer: as I write this, I am really quite drunk. Apologies for the typos … Read more