Tour of Watopia: Stage 7 – Grand Finale

Climbing Alpe Du Zwift at 9am on a Bank Holiday weekend Sunday. I wouldn’t have done this out of choice. But I did it anyway thanks to the Tour of Watopia 2019. If giving people who wouldn’t normally climb the Alpe a real sense of achievement is what Zwift were after, then I think they … Read more

Tour of Watopia: Stage 6 – Against The Clock

This morning I took part in the Tour of Watopia: Stage 6 – Against The Clock. This involved 3 laps of Watopia Flat. In total, about 460 people took part. Stage 6 was ridden on Time Trial (TT) bikes, so no drafting. A 9am start, on a Sunday, whilst feeling knackered from yesterday wasn’t the … Read more

Tour of Watopia: Stage 5 Tempus Fugit

This morning I took part in the 9am Tour of Watopia: Stage 5, Tempus Fugit. This is a 18km time trial race that’s not a race race. Which is to say that whilst Zwift bill the tour as not being a race, each event is timed and ranked. There was a decent attendance, despite the … Read more

Tour of Watopia: Stage 4 – Level out, level up

Halfway done! Keep the momentum going in Stage 4’s rolling hills and flats. Go for your personal bests as you make your way through various KOM segments. Segment starts are marked with neon dashes on the road. We’ll begin on Ocean Boulevard’s pier, then head to downtown Watopia. Once we’re away from the hustle and … Read more

Jon’s Mix – Tour of Watopia Stage 3 Retry

Easily the most frustrating experience I’ve had on Zwift up to now has been the crashing out of Tour of Watopia Stage 3. I understand the technical reasons that running an event like this could / would be challenging, but from an end user perspective, getting kicked out of a workout ~25 mins in is … Read more