Zwift Games 2024 (B): Stage 2 – Jurassic Coast

An interesting one for me today. After yesterday I thought I was going to have an endurance ride today but I went to bed last night thinking I’d put in one shift and could probably do another back to back. As is sadly a bit or a tradition now for me it appears I have … Read more

Zwift Flat is Fast [2024] – Tempus Fugit (B)

A new year, a new racing series. Only, the name of this series has been used before. Last January, in fact. Maybe the Zwift racing series just loops… it wouldn’t surprise me. However last time around, Stage 1 was Tick Tock route, and this time around it was Tempus Fugit. The difference being, this time … Read more

Best of 2023: Stage 3 – Rolling Highlands (B)

Another week, another race. Today would be Stage 3 of December’s “Best of” Zwift racing series, featuring two laps of Scotland’s Rolling Highlands route. I have to say, “best of” is a very subjective thing. These are certainly not the races I have performed best on this year. However I did give myself the best … Read more

Zwift Academy 2023 – Race #2: Cobbled Climbs

Hurrah, the second (of two) Zwift Academy 2023 races are finally done. And with that, so is my silly schedule of racing twice a week, for this and the previous week. Knackered? Not half. I still have the final Zwift Academy 2023 workout (#6) to complete, which is pencilled in for Saturday. I’ll be so … Read more

Best of 2023: Stage 2 – Castle to Castle (B)

Who chooses these routes? Best of is entirely subjective, let me tell you. See, back in my youth, playing a game of Total Annihilation was a fun experience. I was actually pretty good at it. Heck, I’d compete way more than twice a week. Now that I’m 41, getting totally annihilated twice a week is … Read more