[AoC Day #24] Riding At Home For Christmas

Hoorah, the final day of this years Advent of Cycling challenge is finally here. My legs are eternally grateful. And by eternally I mean until Tuesday when I will no doubt be riding again. Still, two days rest. Hard earned. I realised yesterday that this challenge wasn’t actually 24 days long either, it has been … Read more

[AoC Day #22] Better Once Your Riding

Another day, another slog to get myself on the bike. My legs are tired and my mind isn’t in it. However, once I was on today I enjoyed it. Mostly though, this was because I spent the entire ride watching GCN’s Zwift Academy 2022 Finale episode. Whilst I think last years series was a better … Read more

[AoC Day #21] Lacking Lustre

With just three more riding days remaining I am hoping for some kind of second third fourth wind to kick in and see me through. Of all the days so far, today was the hardest. With the Zwift Less than 30 minutes to burn workouts, most of them involve some kind of threshold or greater … Read more

[AoC Day #20] Zwift Race Like A Pro: Stage 3 – R.G.V (Team Bike Exchange-Jayco) (B)

Onwards, into Stage 3 of Zwift’s Race Like A Pro series. And today’s race was over France’s R.G.V route, a mostly flat, very fast single lap of 25km with 129m of climb. Note that this is slightly more climb than the official route itself, as there was a short lead in. I know that now… … Read more