Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #8: 4min Power Duration

This afternoon I took part in the eighth and final Zwift Academy 2019 workout, and ultimately, my last required event of the ZA2019 program. As this was to be my final session in Zwift Academy 2019 I wanted to do this as an online group ride (rather than the solo rides that have made up … Read more

Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #7: VO2max Development

7 down, 1 to go. But OMG, today was hard as hell. And as usual, I was too cocky with my approach to these workouts. These Zwift Academy workouts need to be respected. When will I learn? Looking at the interval schedule for this ride, I wasn’t too concerned about what lay ahead. A few … Read more

Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race: Climb (C)

This evening I took part in the 5pm Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race, taking on 1 lap of Watopia Hilly route. As I had a free afternoon, I was able to be fairly comfortable with my timings. I started out with a ~20 minute warmup on Watopia Flat, aiming to stick around 120w – … Read more

Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #6: Chase The Breakaway!

I don’t know how it keeps happening, but I keep getting trolled by these Zwift Academy 2019 workouts. I look at the schedule, I feel overly confident, and then by the end I am dead as a dodo. I opted to take part in workout #6 – Chase the Breakaway – on Watopia. The current … Read more

Zwift – Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Group Ride (D) – New York

This morning I took part in my third Zwift Academy 2019 group ride. This means I have one more group ride or race remaining to complete that part of the series. I still have 3 Zwift Academy 2019 workouts remaining, and need to complete all three before the end of September. Four rides in ~3 … Read more