Weekly Review February 17th – 23rd 2020

Each week Zwift sends me an email summarising my activity for the week. For previous weekly reviews click here. This week consisted of five rides, of which three were Zwift workouts and two were climbing routes. I managed to get in just one ride over 60 minutes in length, although there was one other that … Read more Weekly Review February 17th – 23rd 2020

22% Strength Rich Tea Biscuits

This afternoon I completed yet another Sweet Spot Training session, opting this time to hit Richmond Reverse. Being as it was my first time on Richmond Reverse – or Richmond in general, since the recent revamp – I have taken a bunch more screenshots than usual for an SST session. My initial comments on this … Read more 22% Strength Rich Tea Biscuits

Recovery Ride Thursdays

For this evening’s ride I wanted something a little less intense. I had planned on doing a particular session which I’d found on WhatsOnZwift earlier in the day, but when it came to it, I couldn’t find it on the PC downstairs, and as I was all kitted up and ready to go, just wanted … Read more Recovery Ride Thursdays

RGT Cycling – Cap Formentor

For this evening’s ride I finally got my lazy self on to RGT Cycling’s Cap Formentor route. This is something I have been telling myself I will do for the last two weeks. I’m going to be completely honest about this: The reason I haven’t ridden this route is down to one word: laziness. The … Read more RGT Cycling – Cap Formentor