The Law Of Attraction In Action?

I’ve had a week of outdoor rides with interactions with idiot motorists. I’ve written about both and kinda don’t want to bang on about it again today. But I did have three more incidents on today’s ride, two within 5 minutes of each other with people pulling out in front of me … how they … Read more

Honk Honk You Ride Too Slow!

Rather than do another turbo session today, which would have been sensible, I instead opted for a bit of a recovery ride outside. This generally means I was cycling slower than usual. And that means some impatient road users were upset with my antics. How dare I ride my bike on their roads? I know. … Read more

2x 15’s To Set A Baseline

Ahead of the forthcoming FTP test I wanted to get some indication of how I’m doing at the current 245w figure. I’ve been thinking that’s on the high side, but was keen to understand whether or not I could actually hold that power for a prolonged period of time. Spoiler alert: yes. But it wasn’t … Read more