Zwift Academy Recovery Ride Open (Again)

One that I had to do today. And thankfully as this one wasn’t a ‘guided’ ride, I could do whatever the heck I felt like without feeling like I wasn’t doing it improperly. So the ride aim was simple: stay within the “grey zone” or recovery area. Effectively don’t go above ~125w for the 45 … Read more

Rapha Cake

Today was down as a recovery day. The plan was to do the Zwift Academy Recovery Ride 2, which would be the final structured activity to tick off the list for this years ZA. However, there wasn’t a suitable time. I wanted to ride at 12 noon, but the only available rides were RR1 at … Read more

Nothing Doing

Meh. I don’t think I can summarise this morning’s ride with any better a word. Is meh a word? Maybe it’s just a feeling. Or a noise I make. Whatever, it wasn’t a great ride. The problem today were two fold. Firstly, it was cold and wet. Thankfully not raining, but wet on the road … Read more