Last Ride of 2020

Please excuse any glaring typos or grammar mistakes in this post. As I write this, on my phone (which I have massively broken due to dropping it whilst cleaning my bike) I’ve definitely been guilty of over indulging this Christmas. It’s a combination of the usual festive feasting, “drowning” of one’s sorrows, and a kind … Read more

Year Review 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for all, I think that’s a fair assumption to make. It has been my first “full” year on the bike, and has helped me cope with the two biggest hardships that the year has thrown at me in a way that I could never have imagined. It wouldn’t be … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 24 – Riding Around Preston For Christmas

And so we reach the end if my Advent of Cycling challenge. It was a bit like the advent calendars I’d have as a kid. Except without chocolate. And with more cycling. The idea with this challenge was to cycle every day for 24 days. I completed the challenge with a minimum of 30 minutes … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 23 – I Wish It Could Be Recovery Every Day

I had to take it easy today. My knees are desperately in need of a proper rest day. Mentally, and physically, today I am feeling thrashed. It’s not helped by a terrible nights sleep – bed at 00:30, up at 04:27 and unable to sleep much after that. Fortunately tomorrow is my last day of … Read more