There Goes The Easy One

[Posted a day late]: It’s rare that I miss my ride update immediately after the ride. I reckon I’ve got the suspected covid my youngest seems to have and currently feel absolutely awful. No riding today (Wednesday). Disappointed. Well, there goes the week’s easy ride. Blown it on day 1. I had in mind an … Read more

MyWhoosh Tempo #5 Workout on Kluisbergen Route

A tough one today. Tougher than planned, even. As per, my hardware gave me a rougher deal than I should have received. Here’s how I set it up: Paired my Favero hardware for cadence and power, but the Tacx Neo controlling the turbo. That’s the issue. But there’s no way around it. Basically that means … Read more

MyWhoosh – Sweetspot #1 in Yas Marina Circuit

I’m trying to get in at least one MyWhoosh ride each week, and have been pretty consistent with this now for the last few weeks. It’s nice to vary it up, and it’s nice to see where MyWhoosh beats out over Zwift, and vice-versa. For once, today, there were other real life humans riding around … Read more

MyWhoosh – Endurance 8’s Workout

It’s interesting really that literally every other platform than Zwift reports my numbers differently. Zwift correctly (in my opinion) takes the value given from the Assioma Duo pedals and uses that to adjust the ERG mode value. All the other cycling software I have ever used takes the value but doesn’t seem to account for … Read more