MyWhoosh – Wollongong City

In a nutshell: so continues my struggle finding any kind of form on Saturday rides. I’m really not sure why this is, but the past four or more Saturday’s have been really challenging. Possibly it’s a mental issue, but it feels like I’m exhausted come Saturday afternoon. Anyway, no chance of going outdoors today. I … Read more

MyWhoosh – Alto del Aguila

I’ve been meaning to do another MyWhoosh ride for a while now, and given the choice today between Zwift’s The Crow Road climb portal ride, or something similar on MyWhoosh, I figured I’d at least check out the routes on offer and ride there if I found something similar. The Crow Road clocks in at 250m … Read more

MyWhoosh Zone 2 Workout on Arabian Knights

Well, I messed up today in a couple of ways. Neither being massive problems by any means, and one of which I didn’t actually realise until just now, as I was prepping the screenshots for this post. OK, so starting with the issue I just realised – I somehow selected the wrong route. I’d picked … Read more