Biker Mouse From Mars

Squeak, squeak, squeak… My bike sounds like it has a mouse living inside it somewhere. What gives? It’s been happening ever since I had the snapped rear cabling replaced but lately, as in the last week, it seems to have gotten a lot worse. I’ve tried lubricating the chain, but I don’t think that’s the … Read more


Boy howdy, I’m tired. So the riding isn’t what’s taking it out of me. It’s the push ups. After watching a few YouTube videos such as this one: … and a few others (YT algo does like to suggest many, many more of the same thing), I’ve instigated a routine of doing ahem, not quite … Read more

Go Slow

The smart move today would have been to stay indoors. But I am not smart. I keep saying this. Hopefully I am more than setting the expectation. With yesterday being a turbo session the first order of business today was to get the bike off the smart trainer and get the back wheel on. There’s … Read more