Zwift’s Scary Halloween Ride Experience

This is my second Halloween on Zwift, and if I wanted a scary experience then I guess getting to be a paid beta tester for their shocking code is up there on the horror scale. Frankly, this was an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience. Billed as a special group ride using the pacer bot, the … Read more

3R PedalPlay EVOLVE Interval Ride [~2.9-3.2 w/kg avg] (C)

Tonight was my first time taking part in a 3R PedalPlay EVOLVE Interval Ride ~2.9-3.2 w/kg group ride. This wasn’t a workout, but a ride with a fence and a ride leader. Before going any further I should say I’ve been flirting with the idea of using the Peloton app as a sort of guided … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 4 | Anaerobic Resilience

For tonight’s ride I continued on with the Zwift Academy 2020 series, this time with workout 4 – taken as a group ride – and covering Anaerobic Resilience. I’m sure you know exactly what this means, as did I, so I won’t bother explaining. Arf. Anaerobic power is what you need for short explosive efforts … Read more