Make A Break For It

For today’s ride I opted for an official Zwift workout, this one being the Make A Break For It session. I believe this comes from the Gran Fondo training series, but I am not absolutely sure. It’s hours ago now since I did this one. I’ve left my write up a bit too late. I … Read more

Outdoors A-sucks

For outdoor rides as of late I’ve been trying my best to stay off the roads. Cycle paths are the order of the day, which does mean the average speeds are far slower, there are more hazards (dogs, pedestrians, horse poo) that must be avoided, but generally things are significantly safer. Good for a recovery … Read more

Zwift Spring Training: Workout #2 FTP Boosters

At 38 minutes, this one was short enough to feel a little on the “light” side before setting off, whilst hard enough to come off the bike feeling like I’d done a decent effort. The work today came in two ten minute blocks. The second slightly easier than the first, but not by much. What’s … Read more

Zwift Cobble Crushers Race: Stage 4 – Casse Pattes (B)

I knew this one was going to be tough for several reasons. Some are obvious: And some are less so: But whatever. I can throw out excuses all day long, we all know by now I’m never coming first, so what does it matter? Not much. The main thing is: turning up. Turning up, and … Read more