Hi, I’m Chris.

I’m no longer content with sitting at a desk all day.

I need to get some exercise. And cycling indoors is the best way I can think to do this.

Going to the gym is a chore. I live within walking distance of not one, but two gyms. Shameful. But that’s life.

I’ve decided getting fit through indoor cycling is the best way forward, for me.

This is an exercise blog. I blog my work outs. I do this for two reasons:

  1. I couldn’t find any one else blogging about starting out cycling, as a total beginner, riding on a turbo trainer;
  2. Accountability

The accountability factor is all about me finding more ways to keep myself from quitting.

Zwift is another way. I am a person who gets addicted to games. For once, my addiction can help me in more ways than just satisfaction for the mind.

And yeah, I think it’s interesting to see what’s possible. I started at 127w. Where can I go? That’s what I’m really keen to find out.