Lunch Time Fat Burner

Wow wee. I am knackered. That was absolutely killer. There are plenty of people who bash Zwift workouts. And maybe rightly so. I’m not a professional, I’m not a racer, I don’t really know the good training programs or workouts from the bad. But sweet spot training has to be one of the best bang … Read more

Zwift Academy Road: Workout 2 | Sprint Profile

What better way to spend your dinner hour than with a Zwift Academy workout? And in particular, the second workout in the ZA 2020 series, today focusing on improving my sprint profile. Well, a better way would probably have been to slouch on the sofa and watch the latest episode of Bake Off but I … Read more

Zwift Academy 2020 Road: Workout 1 | Aerobic Power

This morning I finally got started with Zwift Academy 2020. Alas, not without issue. In traditional Zwift fashion I ended up missing the group ride due to application crashes, and then not being able to rejoin. Frustrating though that is / was, it didn’t stop me from completing the workout – as by this point … Read more

Tired Thighs

This afternoon’s ride was my first on Zwift in a while now. And given the choice, I’d have had a pop on GT 5 Bike instead. There’s been a recent update to GT 5 Bike which apparently makes it easier to get setup. Unfortunately GTA 5 also updated recently, and based on the error I … Read more