Not Sweat Free Recovery

Easy does it was the name of the game this afternoon. But why does it always feel knackering, even on an active recovery ride? Sure, the heart rate might be better than it used to be, hovering as it did around the 120bpm range, but I still very much had my sweat on. And coming … Read more Not Sweat Free Recovery

Only Smarties Have The Answer

How about pulling the muscle in the back of your thigh whilst getting up from your office chair to go get dressed for the bike? Well that’s how I started my ride today. What an absolute lemon. But yet again, as I have been exceedingly lucky with at the moment, this pain didn’t seem to … Read more Only Smarties Have The Answer

ZWIFT 101: Running – What Is My Body Doing? Tempo!

It’s taken me several days to get my legs back in good running order since my first attempt at Zwift running. I realise now that my initial calibration was simply too fast for my ability. It should be said that in a similar vein to the way Zwift cycling clearly expects you to be beyond … Read more ZWIFT 101: Running – What Is My Body Doing? Tempo!

My First Zwift Run

My wife’s treadmill arrived this morning. And then at dinner time, the Zwift Runpod got dropped off, too. Here’s a laugh: The treadmill weighed 88kg in the box. The runpod, a whopping 0.05kg. Guess which one cost £7.99 delivery, and which one cost £6.95? Yes, that’s right, this little orange widget was the higher priced … Read more My First Zwift Run

I Need Recovery

No doubt about it, I struggled big time with today’s SST session. In hindsight I kinda knew I would, before hand. My day didn’t quite go to plan, and with the kids in what, week 11 of the lock down, I’d hit my stress limit by 4pm and decided a fairly intense bike ride was … Read more I Need Recovery