Zwift Academy Tri 2020 – #2. Half-Distance Power Development

For this afternoon’s ride I opted for the second workout in the Zwift Academy Tri 2020 series, this time focusing on my half distance power development, whatever the heck that means. This workout looked, on the surface, really straightforward. I picked it as I didn’t want anything too strenuous ahead of a harder ride tomorrow … Read more Zwift Academy Tri 2020 – #2. Half-Distance Power Development

Reverse Volcano SST

Today was, I think, the first Sweet Spot Training session I’ve done at 214w where I’ve felt fresh going into the session. Heck, it might only be the second SST session I’ve done at 214w. Anyway, whatever, I felt pretty good going into it. This is in stark contrast to the first time I did … Read more Reverse Volcano SST

Boris Bikes and Oyster Cards

For this morning’s workout I opted for an easy session, something to contrast nicely against yesterday’s race. Therefore I went with FTP Builder Week 8 Day 1, a really easy ride that is fairly long and boring, but gets the legs moving quite nicely. For once it wasn’t chucking it down outside. Yet it was … Read more Boris Bikes and Oyster Cards

Dinner Time Spin

For a change I managed to get on the bike at dinner time (lunch time to posh people) today, which was definitely nicer for my sleep schedule than an early morning ride. And definitely more peaceful than an evening ride. Mostly I sat watching a movie (Once upon a time in Hollywood) rather than paying … Read more Dinner Time Spin

Thighs Won’t Thank You

This morning I started my week on clearly very tired legs. Strange, really, considering how I’d felt at the end of Sunday’s climb. I’m not sure if the tiredness was entirely physical, or whether having increased my FTP from 206w to 214w had a mental impact on today’s training session. Almost immediately into the first … Read more Thighs Won’t Thank You