Zwift Spring Training: Sweet Spot Foundation

I think I’m a bit late to the party on this one. Rather than do another FTP Builder session today I was looking for something slightly more intensive. But, not SST. That one still frightens me 🙂 Spring Training was one of the top items on the menu, so I tried that out. I picked … Read more


Another week, and another uptick. If you haven’t been following along – and if not, I don’t blame you – but I started these SST sessions about a month ago now after some recovery, and couldn’t complete the session at 100% FTP. Instead I dropped down to 96% FTP Bias and have been ticking it … Read more

Wimped Out Of Racing

Deciding not to race today was a decision based on reckoning I’d get hard dropped, and also being conscious of accumulating unnecessary fatigue. I knew I wanted to get in an hour on the bike, but without absolutely slaughtering myself. FTP Builder session then? Sounds good. Doing these hour long ‘endurance’ rides indoor is never … Read more

96% Bias

Saturday’s SST attempt was a massive struggle. Yesterday I ran, and today my legs overall were not feeling great. It wasn’t a strong starting point to think about re-doing the SST session. But I was determined. Reckoning I wouldn’t get through another attempt – just yet – at 100% – I dropped the FTP bias … Read more