Back on the Box – 2x 15 minute FTP intervals

After yesterday’s jaunt up Box Hill, I wasn’t sure what kind of ride to do this morning. I figured a structured work out may be the best thing to do, rather than my typical free ride. A few weeks back I was a bit put off Zwift’s structured workouts, as most of them take more … Read more

Taking on Zwift’s Box Hill Climb

This morning I unknowingly attempted the Box Hill climb on Zwift’s London map. One of the joys of a new game is exploring the maps. After a while, you will have played them all, found favourites, and added a few to your list to avoid. With no real idea of how hard it is to … Read more

It’s Slightly Farther If You Go Backwards

Today is Richmond day as the guest map on Zwift. I don’t particularly like Richmond due to the cobbles. The Tacx Neo 2 vibrates / gives force feedback / rumbles when I pedal over different surfaces in Zwift, and the cobbles are fairly unpleasant. I therefore opted to ride Watopia. And specifically, the Volcano Circuit … Read more

Up and Down Zwift’s New York Park Perimeter Loop

Today’s ride was exciting for many reasons. It’s always great to get back onto the saddle after a rest day. Even more so when I have many new bits and pieces to put to the test. First up is the new TV stand. Alas, I do not have a TV to put on this. Yet. … Read more

Knee Jerk Reactions

Today was an enforced rest day. On Monday, I felt a pain starting in my left knee. I still did yesterday’s ride, but probably shouldn’t have done. I’m hoping, all being well, I can ride tomorrow morning. I found my previous rest day a frustrating one. I wanted to ride, and knew that I shouldn’t. … Read more