After Work Watopia Sprints and KOMs

Friday night. Always a good time. I managed to get my work-work to a good point in time for clocking off, and blogged my Richmond ride from earlier this morning. With some time to kill waiting for the wife and kids to get home from grand parental activities, I figured why not hit the bike … Read more After Work Watopia Sprints and KOMs

Rich Tea Biscuit

This morning I took on the Richmond’s 2015 UCI Worlds Course, a 16.1km circuit with 157m of climb. I have ridden this course before, and on that attempt, I made some terrible mistakes on both climbs. I was hoping to put those issues to bed on this attempt. In some ways, Richmond’s UCI Worlds Course … Read more Rich Tea Biscuit

Early Morning Activity

On Tuesday night, I set about trying to figure out if my recent performances have been going sideways (rather than upwards) due to new pedals / shoes. After a bit of mucking around, I thought I’d sussed out how to pedal “properly” in shoes with clips / cleats, whatever the correct terminology would be. In … Read more Early Morning Activity

Learning How To Pedal In Clips

Tonight was an unusual ride. After climbing the Alpe Du Zwift over the weekend as part of the final stage of the Tour of Watopia 2019, I intended to have a fairly easy ride. In my head, pre-ride, it was about putting some distance on the week and getting some time in the saddle. However, … Read more Learning How To Pedal In Clips

Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review May 20th – May 26th 2019

Each week Zwift sends me an email summarising my activity for the week. For previous weekly reviews click here. Easily the biggest achievement of the week – and of my cycling career so far – was climbing the Alpe Du Zwift. Good enough for a Ride On from Zwift themselves: With the 2019 Tour of … Read more Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review May 20th – May 26th 2019