Short Circuits

For this afternoon’s ride I didn’t have a huge amount of time, so had to opt for the most efficient use of that time. Therefore I used 30 minutes to hit up Emily’s Short Mix, opting to potter around the Volcano Circuit for the session. It’s a while since I’ve done Emily Short Mix. And … Read more Short Circuits

NYC Light Ride

For tonight’s ride I used Zwift’s 10-12wk FTP Builder program, repeating Week 9 Day 1. I don’t yet think I have truly completed this ride, but more on that in a moment. Tonight on Zwift it was exceptionally busy due to Thanks Giving. I really wish I had the chance to take part in the … Read more NYC Light Ride

Spin Slower!

For tonight’s workout I took on Dig Deep Coaching’s Stage 12 ride, which I found via WhatsOnZwift. What I wanted was a workout similar in intensity to the Sweet Spot Training workout, just to vary things up a touch. What I got was 30+ mins at FTP. So that was nice. This workout started off … Read more Spin Slower!

Off On The Right Foot

After I got off the bike on Saturday I really felt the need to take a break. The thought of a hard climb on Sunday morning just didn’t appeal. And I skipped it. No regrets here, as covered in the weekly review. Rest days are important, and I’m not trying to become something I’m not, … Read more Off On The Right Foot

Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review November 18th – 24th 2019

Each week Zwift sends me an email summarising my activity for the week. For previous weekly reviews click here. Last week was frustrating for a couple of reasons. There was also a lesson to take away, so every cloud. The biggest frustration for me was in having to work late on Tuesday. This completely messed … Read more Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review November 18th – 24th 2019