ZWIFT 101: Running – What Is My Body Doing? Tempo!

It’s taken me several days to get my legs back in good running order since my first attempt at Zwift running. I realise now that my initial calibration was simply too fast for my ability. It should be said that in a similar vein to the way Zwift cycling clearly expects you to be beyond … Read more

Ramp It Up – Zwift FTP Builder Week 5 Day 2

Today I continued with Zwift’s 12 week FTP Builder training program, with this workout being Week 5 Day 2. This is a pretty hard one to explain simply, so I have taken the graphs and tables from What’s On Zwift. I’d highly recommend checking out What’s On Zwift, if you haven’t already, as it’s full … Read more

Murder in NYC

Wow. Wow and OMG. Emily tried to kill me Yesterday I started on Zwift’s Cycling 101 Training Plan. I found it a bit lacking in punch, though to be fair, it is based off my overall FTP, which Zwift has currently estimated at 127w. Me, being a man, believed that I knew better than Zwift. … Read more