Only Smarties Have The Answer

How about pulling the muscle in the back of your thigh whilst getting up from your office chair to go get dressed for the bike? Well that’s how I started my ride today. What an absolute lemon. But yet again, as I have been exceedingly lucky with at the moment, this pain didn’t seem to … Read more Only Smarties Have The Answer

Philippa York’s Pride Ride 2020 (D)

For the first time this week, I did my cycling indoors. This was a bit of a rush job as I’d been working all morning, out in the early afternoon, and then home at 15:45, with the event due to start at 16:00. I forgot about the big updated needed, and also had a bunch … Read more Philippa York’s Pride Ride 2020 (D)

Tour de Motorway Bridge

This morning I managed to get up early again – though not quite as eagerly – and get out and on to the roads before the mercury shot back up towards 29c for the day. This weather these last two days has been nutty. Rain ahoy tomorrow, and for the foreseeable actually, so it was … Read more Tour de Motorway Bridge