Indoor Sweet Spot Training

For this evening’s ride I took on another SST session. The difference being that today’s session was completed indoors on the turbo, versus yesterday which was outdoors on the open road. Right off the bat I will say I found this session harder in so much as there was no slacking off. No coasting. No … Read more Indoor Sweet Spot Training

Outdoor Sweet Spot Training

For this afternoon’s ride I wanted to get in one last outdoor session before the weather takes a down turn. Although, that said, tomorrow is still expected to be another 24c day, but this time… with showers. Fair enough, saves on watering the lawn. Not that I do that, but … well, ya’ know. Anyway, … Read more Outdoor Sweet Spot Training

Indoor Outdoors: Doesn’t Work

Well, I messed up on today’s ride. Somehow or other I managed to set my Garmin to my Indoor profile, then happily set off outdoors. Bad times. Long story short, the first 20km of my ride didn’t track… well, it did, but only the calories. Unfortunately the GPS etc didn’t work. I knew something was … Read more Indoor Outdoors: Doesn’t Work

VLOG #7 – Bleasdale

We appear to have been blessed with a spate of incredibly warm weather here in the North West of the UK at the moment. It’s hard to find the motivation to get on Zwift and complete the remaining kilometres of the Ceramic Speed Mission when an abundance of outdoor roads remain unexplored. With that in … Read more VLOG #7 – Bleasdale