Zwift Race the Worlds: Stage 5 – City and the Sgurr (B)

Last week I thought we were done with racing on the Scottish roads. But alas no, I had clearly forgotten that a good week remained of August. Wishing my life away? For the fifth and final race of Zwift’s Race the Worlds series we would be taking on City and the Sgurr. It’s less city, … Read more

How Is It Only Tuesday?

I’m really knackered. Not sure if it’s having ridden yesterday or what, but I was feeling it in the legs before I even started today. Not helped by Zwift crashing twice, meaning I spent ~10 minutes mucking around and rebooting before I even got the clock started. It seems odd to me that a walk … Read more

Typical Bank Holiday Weather

Allegedly it’s Summer. And specifically today it’s the late August Bank Holiday. Of course, I got soaked. Feeling like a good bike ride would set off my Bank Holiday Monday with a flourish, I was up and raring to go from 7.50, though after doing a round of coffees, making breakfast for the kids, making … Read more

Stop, Reload, Roll

Today was what Wednesday should have been. Which is to say that I very deliberately took it easy today. But it was hard going to stay slow.  And not for the obvious reasons.  Foolishly I decided to go into the town centre today, somewhat forgetting that today is Saturday, and specifically at that time it … Read more