MyWhoosh – Endurance 8’s Workout

It’s interesting really that literally every other platform than Zwift reports my numbers differently. Zwift correctly (in my opinion) takes the value given from the Assioma Duo pedals and uses that to adjust the ERG mode value. All the other cycling software I have ever used takes the value but doesn’t seem to account for … Read more

Tour de Zwift 2024: Stage 5 [Run]

Stage = 5, actually completed stages = 4, stages which I ran = 3. Yeah last week was a bad time. But I completed it all the same and somehow I have only missed one event. My plan is to complete that one during male up week.  But that’s all the past and the future. … Read more

MyWhoosh Zone 2 Steady State Workout

A slightly longer one today. I opted for MyWhoosh’s Zone 2 Steady State workout, which is, as best I am aware: Much like yesterday I set this one up to run with an in-ride FTP of 200w, which then meant I could sit at approximately 160w / 95rpm for the long interval. That all seemed … Read more