Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 5 | Easter Egg

Something went wrong today. I was late on the bike, and so the ride had already started – but only by 10 seconds or so. I expected to be dumped into the starting pens, but was instead dropped into the already-in-progress ride with pedal assist. The route today should have been the Big Loop, taking … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 5 | Shorter

A bit like back in Stage 3, I opted to do the Tour of Watopia 2023 Stage 5 Shorter ride today, but do it as an ad-hoc SST session. The aim is pretty simple, 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. It doesn’t always pan out like that. And of course, today was no different. But … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 4 | Longer

Tired, in a word. Very tired. Probably not enough sleep, combined with not enough lower intensity rides over the last few weeks, combined with this one being fairly long and fast paced. For the Tour of Watopia 2023’s Stage 4 Longer ride, we were off on the Dust in the Wind route. This is another … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 4 | Standard

Something unexpected today. Usually I would save my Tour of Watopia rides for Wednesday, and do a Zwift Race on a Tuesday. However, due to the clocks changing to British Summer Time over the weekend, it turns out that Zwift didn’t follow suit. Which ultimately means the races no longer start at the very sensible … Read more

Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3 | Longer

Wow. So I’m actually in quite a bit of pain after this one. And not for the reason you would probably think. I cramped up so hard on this ride that my calf muscle is bruised. I’ve had this before, but never quite as painful as this one. But, I guess that’s just a teaser … Read more