Zwift Race Scotland: Stage 4 – City and The Sgurr (B)

8.5km or so really doesn’t sound so bad. Until I did a bit of pre-ride recon and found out that during that 8.5km we’d be ascending three hills. At race pace. Based on previous races over similarly hilly terrain, I wasn’t anticipating greatness for today’s ride. Instead I was hoping to do well against previous … Read more

Feet Spot

Welp, bit disappointed that the blisters haven’t calmed down completely as of yet. Two reasons why: I’ve enjoyed my longer walks, blisters aside, simply for getting out of the house and getting some fresh air without the risk of being run over (or substantially less, at any case). But now I’m thinking I might not … Read more

Zwift Race Scotland: Stage 3 – The Muckle Yin (B)

As a heads up: I have now updated the Zwift Climbing Difficulty page to include the Scotland climbs. A new week and a new route for today’s race, this one being The Muckle Yin on Zwift’s Scotland map, as part of February’s Zwift Race Scotland series. I did pretty poorly on Stage 2 – Glasgow … Read more