Zwift Academy Tri 2020 – #1. Strength Development

For this afternoon’s ride I was looking for something a little different. Ideally not a blue zone (zone 2?) ride, but something the green zone – a bit harder, but not much. Having used the excellent WhatsOnZwift search and filter system, I found one that looked really interesting: Zwift Academy Tri 2020 – #1. Strength … Read more

The Northern Most Point of Mallorca

From a cold, wet, and even slightly snowy house in the North of England, I managed to transport myself (virtually) to the lighthouse at the northern most point of (likely) sunny isle of Mallorca for a Thursday night climbing session. Yep, back up to visit Cap Formentor. As this was my second time riding this … Read more

Dinner Time Spin

For a change I managed to get on the bike at dinner time (lunch time to posh people) today, which was definitely nicer for my sleep schedule than an early morning ride. And definitely more peaceful than an evening ride. Mostly I sat watching a movie (Once upon a time in Hollywood) rather than paying … Read more

Thighs Won’t Thank You

This morning I started my week on clearly very tired legs. Strange, really, considering how I’d felt at the end of Sunday’s climb. I’m not sure if the tiredness was entirely physical, or whether having increased my FTP from 206w to 214w had a mental impact on today’s training session. Almost immediately into the first … Read more