Workout Of The Week – Grin And Bear It

An interesting one today, tackling Zwift’s Workout Of The Week, this week the Grin and Bear It 40 minute ride, coming in at a TSS of 47 points, this probably looked worse as a graph than it was as a ride. That’s not to say this one was particularly easy, but because of the structure … Read more

PC Problems Persist

Picking an SST session for today’s ride meant I absolutely needed to fit that in over lunch or I knew I wouldn’t be in the mood later in the evening. All good though, I managed to get the time today, even though it meant cutting my 2pm meeting exceptionally fine. I’ve had to shake things … Read more

Constant Interruptions

Only wanting a low intensity ride this evening, I opted for a spin with Cara Cadence and her pace bot train. I’m not sure if it was down to bugs or an unintuitive interface, but it took me two failed attempts to join the ride. Once in, things were fine enough until my youngest popped … Read more

Two Paracetamols & Loud Music

Just a simple workout ride tonight, pretty much as covered in the weekly review. Still feeling rough from this horrible cold. Taking it easy until I’m feeling better. Been on the paracetamols all day, was wondering if I’d even make it on the bike. Yesterday I had a technological disaster, dropping my phone in the … Read more