Easter Funday

Sunday morning rides used to be a thing. And when I did them I would always reward myself by taking it super easy. No pressure, no targets, just ride for enjoyment. And that’s pretty much what I did today. It’s actually pretty hard to do much else with the route I took because there’s so … Read more

Fitness Off A Cliff

Frustration is the word of the … well, I don’t want to say Day, because it’s far beyond that. I’d say it’s overall been a very frustrating Quarter. I know I’m due my FTP test for Quarter 1 this weekend, but I also know there’s very little point as I don’t think the numbers would … Read more

Coughing Fit

Whether or not my aggravated lungs have anything to do with yesterday’s (and today’s) bike riding is pure speculation. What I do know is my coughing has worsened today. It’s kinda odd. I had the main symptoms of covid what must be two weeks ago at this point, so to get the cough now feels … Read more