VLOG #11 – Oakenclough t’other way

This afternoon I rode the reverse of a previous ride, heading up Oakenclough climb, this time from the opposite direction. Where last time it was a fairly long and endurance style grind climb, this time around it was shorter, and at the end, sharper. Hitting 18% at the steepest point, the Garmin Edge 530 failed … Read more VLOG #11 – Oakenclough t’other way

VLOG #10 – Trip Through The Trough

Bit difficult to get stats from this one as Garmin are still very much down. Anyway, it turned out OK as I was able to create a route in Strava and then manually upload it to my Garmin Edge 530 device. Not writing much on this one today. It was a really enjoyable yet exhausting … Read more VLOG #10 – Trip Through The Trough

VLOG #9 – Pleasington Climb

Ill keep this one short today as I am both tired from the ride and also have only just done the video and it’s pretty late here. This was one of the longest outdoor rides I have done yet. With 600 plus meters of climb thrown in over 50km, it was a prep ride for … Read more VLOG #9 – Pleasington Climb

VLOG #8 – Mellor Climb

Woah nelly, did I misjudge this one. It started out as a pretty straightforward ride. But that climb up Mellor Brow was absolutely no joke. It’s really unfortunate that I didn’t get a video of it, as it is pretty hard to describe with words. When at the bottom I was almost going to try … Read more VLOG #8 – Mellor Climb

VLOG #7 – Bleasdale

We appear to have been blessed with a spate of incredibly warm weather here in the North West of the UK at the moment. It’s hard to find the motivation to get on Zwift and complete the remaining kilometres of the Ceramic Speed Mission when an abundance of outdoor roads remain unexplored. With that in … Read more VLOG #7 – Bleasdale