The Northern Most Point of Mallorca

From a cold, wet, and even slightly snowy house in the North of England, I managed to transport myself (virtually) to the lighthouse at the northern most point of (likely) sunny isle of Mallorca for a Thursday night climbing session. Yep, back up to visit Cap Formentor. As this was my second time riding this … Read more The Northern Most Point of Mallorca

RGT Cycling – Cap Formentor

For this evening’s ride I finally got my lazy self on to RGT Cycling’s Cap Formentor route. This is something I have been telling myself I will do for the last two weeks. I’m going to be completely honest about this: The reason I haven’t ridden this route is down to one word: laziness. The … Read more RGT Cycling – Cap Formentor

Passo dello Stelvio – RGT Cycling

As decided in the previous week’s review I am aiming to complete one proper climb per week from now on. With that in mind, I decided mid-week that I’d most likely tackle RGT Cycling’s Passo dello Stelvio, a 14.1km route covering 1114m of climb at an average gradient of 8%. This is roughly equivalent to … Read more Passo dello Stelvio – RGT Cycling

Borrego Springs – RGT Cycling

For tonight’s ride I opted for RGT Cycling’s Borrego Springs route, which is one I have tried to ride before, but last time suffered from a rather odd bug. There were no issues (at least, with the ride itself) tonight. As the picture above describes, this is a largely flat route, in a standard rectangular … Read more Borrego Springs – RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling – 30 Laps of Canary Wharf

For this evening’s ride I took on RGT Cycling‘s Canary Wharf map. This is a very short map – just 1km – with a sprint, and very little climb. I think the climb is 5m per lap? The sprint isn’t flat, however. It starts flat, dips, and then finishes up a slight incline. Straight away, … Read more RGT Cycling – 30 Laps of Canary Wharf