Passo dello Stelvio – RGT Cycling

As decided in the previous week’s review I am aiming to complete one proper climb per week from now on. With that in mind, I decided mid-week that I’d most likely tackle RGT Cycling’s Passo dello Stelvio, a 14.1km route covering 1114m of climb at an average gradient of 8%. This is roughly equivalent to … Read morePasso dello Stelvio – RGT Cycling

Borrego Springs – RGT Cycling

For tonight’s ride I opted for RGT Cycling’s Borrego Springs route, which is one I have tried to ride before, but last time suffered from a rather odd bug. There were no issues (at least, with the ride itself) tonight. As the picture above describes, this is a largely flat route, in a standard rectangular … Read moreBorrego Springs – RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling – 30 Laps of Canary Wharf

For this evening’s ride I took on RGT Cycling‘s Canary Wharf map. This is a very short map – just 1km – with a sprint, and very little climb. I think the climb is 5m per lap? The sprint isn’t flat, however. It starts flat, dips, and then finishes up a slight incline. Straight away, … Read moreRGT Cycling – 30 Laps of Canary Wharf

Road Grand Tours Review

What if I told you that an alternative to Zwift exists that is (currently) completely free to play, and has an (almost) comparable feature set. Would you be interested in learning more? Well, if you haven’t yet already been acquainted, allow me to introduce you to RGT Cycling (formerly Road Grand Tours). And if you … Read moreRoad Grand Tours Review