RGT Cycling – 30 Laps of Canary Wharf

For this evening’s ride I took on RGT Cycling‘s Canary Wharf map. This is a very short map – just 1km – with a sprint, and very little climb. I think the climb is 5m per lap? The sprint isn’t flat, however. It starts flat, dips, and then finishes up a slight incline. Straight away, … Read more

Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review September 23rd – 29th 2019

Each week Zwift sends me an email summarising my activity for the week. For previous weekly reviews click here. The most interesting thing I did on the bike this week was to try RGT Cycling. For those unaware, this is an online cycling software similar (in many, many ways) to Zwift. I wrote up my … Read more

Riding The Queens Highway

This morning I took on The Queen’s Highway, one of the 6 different routes available on Zwift’s Yorkshire / Harrogate circuit. For once, I remembered to mentally note the number of active riders online before joining the map for my ride. There were over 2300 cyclists online for Yorkshire, with a further 1000 (give or … Read more

Road Grand Tours Review

What if I told you that an alternative to Zwift exists that is (currently) completely free to play, and has an (almost) comparable feature set. Would you be interested in learning more? Well, if you haven’t yet already been acquainted, allow me to introduce you to RGT Cycling (formerly Road Grand Tours). And if you … Read more