Decent Push

Overall really pleased with how this one went. I never set out with the intention of doing ~35 minutes of hard riding, but it turns out that’s what I did. What I tried to do today was just keep it steady. It massively helped that on the outbound leg of the journey I was helped … Read more

Broken Cleat

Had a bit of a disaster today. The ride was not supposed to be an intensive effort, just a dinner time bike ride. On that front, I succeeded. As per the stats below – no benefit – everywhere else I probably failed. I tried to stay off the roads as much as possible today, at … Read more

Another Very Nice Day Out

It’s getting hotter here lately. I think today was 23c. Garmin recorded it as 28c average, which it definitely wasn’t. Not sure what went wrong there. Anyway, regardless it was short sleeves weather, finally. As in, short sleeves for both jersey and base layer. I really wanted to get in a longer ride today. In … Read more