Makes Watts Whilst The Sun Shines

Not sure if I would be riding or not tonight, I decided pretty much as I finished work for the day that yes, getting out of the house would be a jolly good idea indeed. And whilst this was in large part brought on by horrendous eye strain, the other big motivating factor was this … Read more Makes Watts Whilst The Sun Shines

Wednesday is Just Tuesday in Reverse

Tonight was all about getting in an hour on the bike before heading out for a succulent Chinese meal. And indeed that’s exactly what I got. Just shy of an hour. And just shy of 30km. I did a repeat of last night’s route, only this time in reverse. Unlike last night I didn’t follow … Read more Wednesday is Just Tuesday in Reverse

One Mintervals

Today could have been a bit of a dull ride. But thanks to my inadvertently joining some Garmin training plan a few weeks ago (and not really following it) I got a prompt before the ride to do a workout. I figured why not? My route was expected to be largely uninterrupted by traffic lights … Read more One Mintervals

Beaten By The Steep ‘Un

I haven’t done a real world hard climb in a while. I think the last one I did may have been Mellor brow, but that might be wrong (edit: in hindsight it would have been the Trough of Bowland climb). Certainly I can’t remember doing one as steep as the “short” way up Jeffrey Hill … Read more Beaten By The Steep ‘Un