Etape du Tour 2018 – Col de Romme

For this morning’s ride I took on Tacx Software’s Etape du Tour 2018 – Col de Romme. This is a 16km ride, of which I think somewhere between 10 and 11km of the distance is uphill. There’s 835m of marked climb, but about 875m in the ride in total. The average gradient for this one … Read more

England, Yorkshire Dales Nidderdale – Stage 1

For this morning’s climbing ride I took on Tacx Software’s Yorkshire Dales Stage 1 – Nidderdale ride. Heads up: I mucked around with my video capture settings for this ride, in the hope that I could eliminate the OBS encoder overloaded error. Alas, no. I have only succeeded in making the final recording awful quality. … Read more

Barcelona – City Trip

For this afternoon’s ride I opted for Barcelona City Trip, a Tacx video ride. Billed as an easy ride, this was about 19km of beach front with a couple of short hills thrown in to test the legs. Total climb for the ride was 124m. Those two climbs look fairly steep, though the first climb … Read more

Tuscany, Florence – City Trip

For this evening’s ride I took on Tuscany, Florence – City Trip, a Tacx Software video ride. I had initially planned on riding another Tacx route – the London city ride. However, when I loaded that up, it turned out to be a GPS only route, which is akin to riding around on Google maps … Read more

Cormet de Roselend Stage 1 – Col du Pré

For today’s climbing ride I took on Tacx Software’s Cormet de Roselend Stage 1 – Col du Pré. This was labelled as difficult, though I felt it might be easier than Col des Glieres as whilst this was a longer overall climb, the ride was 95% uphill, so in theory, the average gradient should be … Read more