Gallows Lane

A decent longer ride today, albeit not without incident. I got pulled out on three times. At the start of the ride, not far at all from home, and then twice very much towards the end. Ridiculous. Fortunately no accidents. I really need a camera. It’s a YouTube gold mine out there on the open … Read more

MyWhoosh – First Ride: Area 52

After yesterday’s ride on Alcatraz AWOL I decided to carry on exploring the new California map with another workout, this time using the Pacing #1 workout on the Area 52 route. Much like how Alcatraz AWOL takes in more than just Alcatraz Island, so does Area 52 cover off more than only the UFO research … Read more

MyWhoosh – First Ride: Alcatraz AWOL

After Monday’s ride, I have decided to do a bit of indoor activity for a while. Can’t get run over indoors, I hope. Last month MyWhoosh dropped a huge new update, adding in a whole new world (credit if you didn’t sing that in your head in Disney mode). Well, I think they added in … Read more