Finish Him

Truthfully, this was a bad idea. Not feeling well, I should have taken a rest day. As it was, I decided I’d go out, ignoring the advice of my wife. And boy, did I pay for this.

I knew the ride itself would be an easy one. My route was planned to be fairly laid back – around some of the Guild Wheel, which has a lot of stop / start, and little gates to deliberately slow all traffic in places. That was fine as I really didn’t want to push myself too much.

At several points along the ride I had horrible cold sweats. It wasn’t a super warm day, and I was out in my jersey and arm warmers, but there was no way I should have been shivering and then feeling like I was burning up. However, it seemed to come and go, and as I wasn’t pushing very hard, foolishly I continued on.

There were a couple of places where I went into silly sprint / big effort mode. God knows why. Again, when I knew I was already feeling rough, that was stupid.

However, all things considered, when I got home I felt roughly alright. Nothing untoward.

Later in the day (I’m writing this the day after), I really deteriorated. Shivering, loss of my sense of taste, hot sweats, the works. Couple that with a terrible nights sleep, and I decided to take the day off work today (the Monday). On the plus side I’m feeling better now, after lots of paracetamol and ibuprofen, and watching The Big Lebowski for the first time whilst dead on the sofa.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow without the drugs, and life can go on. As such I’ll probably aim to skip riding tomorrow, just so I can recover fully. I mean, that’s assuming I’m better overall. Fingers crossed.

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