Scammed: Not That Hot

Heat wave? Well, 15c? Lies. Lies and slander. Heck, Strava says 16c. I was in my long sleeves and I was still a bit chilly.

Anyway, at least I got out. There endeth two days of horror show at work – stuck on a problem for the last 6 days, thought it might be another bad week, but somehow managed to break the back of it come 3.30pm. With an early start and no dinner break, I decided to call it quits and get outdoors. Not as much sun as yesterday, but still, better than another hour at the desk.

There was no set route for this one. No heart rate monitor, either. Given up on that device for the time being. Largely I just went wherever I felt like, mostly off the main roads because of rush hour and truthfully, the roads are basically back to normal now. Dangerous times.

I wasn’t sure what I should be doing today: recovery, average ride, punchy efforts, sustained riding… who knows. In the end I did a little bit of everything. Mostly I enjoyed the little hills dotted around my route – lots of out of the sadly stuff, and a few sprinty efforts.

That said, as I didn’t get any food at lunch and haven’t had any breakfast either, I’m currently existing only off the calorie content of a Cadbury Wispa (the caramel centre version, for extra nutrition), brews, and water.

Fortunately tea is nearly ready now. So it’s off to clean the bike, clean myself, chill out, and grab a cup of tea to eat with my tea. How northern.

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