1 Jillion Degrees Centigrade

The aim this morning was simple: get out early and beat the heat. If I’m not mistaken today turned out to be yet another yearly record breaker, topping 27c here at its peak, or 34c in the kitchen when I was cooking tea. Absolutely nuts.

Setting out, I followed a route I’ve done several times before, one I have imaginatively titled the Whitechapel Loop, because it does a loop of the village of Whitechapel.

Even though I’d set out early, or earlyish for a Sunday morning, I was still passing a good ten plus cyclists already on their way back by the time I’d reached my turn off from the main road. How did I know they were already in their way home? Well, of course, I didn’t, I just imagined they were and thought better of them for getting that head start on me.

Covered in sun cream across arms, neck, face, and legs, by the time I got back I must have had 30 or more flies stuck to my arms and legs. Poor little buggers. Did the job though.

On a more interesting note, I’ve been wearing my Mavic bib shorts for my rides where possible and even with my ass still suffering from the remnants of the century ride saddle sores they really are comfy and do a great job. For £200 a pair, they should be amazing, but fortunately I got two pairs for that price in a sale at sigma sports and honestly, I wish I could buy more. Compared to my twenty quid efforts off amazon, they are night and day different.

So whilst this one was fairly short at just over 30km, it was a nice ride in great weather, not too hot and back home early enough that I still had the whole day to look forwards too. I also managed to take the kids swimming, so a full on workout of a morning. Really chuffed with that.

For the week ahead I have something a little different to look forward too. More on that in the next ride report. Until then!

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