Typical Bank Holiday Weather

Allegedly it’s Summer. And specifically today it’s the late August Bank Holiday. Of course, I got soaked. Feeling like a good bike ride would set off my Bank Holiday Monday with a flourish, I was up and raring to go from 7.50, though after doing a round of coffees, making breakfast for the kids, making … Read more

Stop, Reload, Roll

Today was what Wednesday should have been. Which is to say that I very deliberately took it easy today. But it was hard going to stay slow.  And not for the obvious reasons.  Foolishly I decided to go into the town centre today, somewhat forgetting that today is Saturday, and specifically at that time it … Read more

Smashing The Endurance Ride

Wednesday is probably better spent on the turbo. Why? Because outside I have no control. Bit of a brag there. But more on that later. At work, today has been meetings. Every other Wednesday it’s end of sprint and that means back to back meetings. As such, I am usually so sick of staring at … Read more