Another Stupid Push

Went out today with no plan and ended up pushing hard for the full hour. I was feeling it in the legs pretty much when I set off and whilst that did ease, I have probably only made myself even more tired than I already was.

Well. Fatigued.

I don’t know how the pros do it. I really don’t.

Then again they probably wonder the same about people who sit on their arse in front of a computer all day every day. It’s draining in a very different way.

All in though a pretty good ride. I did two laps and managed to come in at 30km in just under an hour. Considering I wasn’t initially aiming for a fast pace I didn’t do badly on that front.

No idea what the weather has in store tomorrow. The wind was out a bit again today, not as bad as it has been. But hopefully the rain keeps away for one more outdoors ride. That said, doing something far easier indoors probably would be the smartest move.

Like that’s ever influenced me.

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