Back In The Game

This may or may not turn out to be a terrible idea, but I decided I couldn’t handle being confined indoors any longer and went out for a bike ride. The original idea was to keep it light, but I’ve felt as good as I have in weeks both today and yesterday, so as soon as I was out I found myself really wanting to see how much I’d fallen behind where I was.

To be honest it’s difficult to judge outdoors. The sensible route would have been to stay indoors on the turbo, take it easy, gradually build back up. But the sun is blazing, even if the temperature doesn’t match, and having spent all day yesterday with my head in Excel, and today in meetings all day, I urgently needed some physical activity.

Cycling it was then.

Mostly the only thing to report today was that yes, I felt fine for most of it. Where things took a bad turn was in crossing a road via a pelican crossing when coming off the Guild Wheel, and as I dropped off the curb I jarred my back again. Stupid. Stupid stupid.

Whether I end up paying for that overnight is yet to be seen. Hopefully not. I’d dearly love to get in a few hours on the bike over this forthcoming Bank Holiday Weekend, especially if the weather stays as sunny as it currently is. My back is pretty sore again… whoops. But it’s nowhere near what it was like, and it’s been what, about a month now? Well, apart from the second incident.

What I’d like to do next is to get in a long and steady ride. This one was very much a stop start effort. I’m looking forwards to a long and fluid route, ideally around 2.8w/kg. I need to get back into those base builder sessions.

At this point I’m feeling over weight, out of fitness, lost a lot of my stamina, and generally just pretty crappy. All of this will return, I’m sure, with sustained effort. The hardest part for me at the moment seems to be in finding the motivation to get my lazy backside on the turbo. As soon as it was nice weather today I went on the bike outdoors, but yesterday the thought of an hour on Zwift was a right off putting experience.

Losing the routine is probably the worst hit of all.

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