Broken Cleat

Had a bit of a disaster today.

The ride was not supposed to be an intensive effort, just a dinner time bike ride.

On that front, I succeeded.

As per the stats below – no benefit – everywhere else I probably failed.

I tried to stay off the roads as much as possible today, at least the main roads anyway.

Lots of bike paths.

At one point, somewhere about 5-7km before I called it a day, I was heading down a shared path that’s used by cars, bikes, and people. Usually quiet, but full of pot holes. Doesn’t narrow it down, I suppose.

The car took up the road, and I had to nip in to the side of the path to get by. I felt something hit my calf, but didn’t think much of it.

Shortly after that, my foot slipped out of the pedal.

That’s never happened before, when clipped in.

It did it once, and I genuinely thought it must have been my fault somehow – having not clipped in and not noticed.

Then I got to the lights, and set off, and it happened again.

So I stopped, and when I went to check my cleat I saw a big chunk of it had come off. That wasn’t what hit my calf though. That, somehow, was some form of animal muck. And I thought it was a critter and flicked it off… whoops. Poop, everywhere.

I had to then cycle home, covered in filth, with my foot slipping out of the pedal constantly, and me not wanting to touch my gears because my fingers had poop all over them.

What a shit show.

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