Churchtown Turn Around

Wanting to get out at dinner time, that didn’t go quite to plan (work finds a way to interrupt!), so instead, I went out after work for a jolly up to Churchtown. Now, I’m not quite sure why it’s called Churchtown, as whilst there is a church, it’s not a big one, and it’s not a town either… more of a village. Anyway, it is what it is. And it does have lovely views.

One thing about this loop is that it’s nice and flat. That means that my average speed is high, usually around 30kph. Today I noticed I was doing ~31kph whilst pushing 2.4w/kg. Maybe there was something to Zwift’s crazy metrics after all?!

The one downside to today’s ride was the heavy traffic on the A6. What this meant was lots of stationary cars, vans, and big trucks, often blocking the cycle lanes or driving too close to me at slow speeds. Not keen.

Aside from that, it was nice to get out. I struggled a bit to keep my speed up in parts, definitely not close to my strongest performance on that loop, but at the same time not a bad effort. One crappy part of the sun shine is the requirement to wear sun cream, and then when the sweat kicks in and it slowly drips into my eyes… boy that’s painful. Of course, today I forgot my tissues so was reduced to wiping my eyes with my sleeves and backs of my gloves.

Not a bad start to the week though. 30km, 700 calories… hey, I’m rounding up, but not by much. All being well, I’m going to do my usual out and back again little climbing circuit tomorrow. Fun times, yes sir!

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