Decent Push

Overall really pleased with how this one went. I never set out with the intention of doing ~35 minutes of hard riding, but it turns out that’s what I did.

What I tried to do today was just keep it steady. It massively helped that on the outbound leg of the journey I was helped along by a whacking tailwind which pushed my average speed up well into the mid 30’s. Then in the crosswind and headwind legs I wanted to try to keep a good pace, so pushed harder than I might have otherwise.

The other nice thing today is that I never felt out of control. I’ve been having to ride without a heart rate monitor lately due to the strap giving me a horrid rash, so I’m sort of pacing the efforts by power numbers and body feel. At no point did I feel like I was into the high 180s today, that’s for sure.

What that ultimately means is I must be getting fitter – or getting my old fitness back, to put it another way. Very positive. And that’s reflected in the graphs I’m seeing on

The one downside today is that I felt like I could have kept going… but I ran out of road. I guess that is a big advantage of being indoors on the turbo.

Anyway, a good ride and a good start to the week. I’m away tomorrow with work, so next ride will be Wednesday. Not that tomorrow is a true rest day 🙁

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