Don’t Sprint Up Hill

Not normally one to ride on Monday, I felt like I slacked so bad yesterday that I needed to get on the bike again pronto.

However, having cleaned up my bike real nice, it was a shame to get it ultra filthy – yet again – so soon. It had remained fairly dry all morning, but no sooner had I got my outdoor kit on, it started drizzling, and didn’t stop for the duration of the ride. Fortunately, even though it was wet, I managed to stay warm… save for my fingers, which were starting to feel a bit nippy by the end of the ride.

As I set off on my ride, I have to confess I’d completely forgotten that the Tour de Zwift starts today. Whoops. When I did remember this I tried hard to remember to go fairly easy… though I feel I did badly on this. Pretty much as the post title says, really.

So I struggle to recover outdoors. Even before I set off there was a noticeable tightness in my calves. A proper recovery ride would have been smart. But then, I am not smart.


Instead I decided to completely disregard my earlier thoughts of recovery and instead I wanted to answer the question: what happens if I try to sprint up hill?

Well, the answer is simple: I failed. Hard.

Coming down the steep side of Kitchen Green climb – that must have been where I hit ~50kph in the wet, yikes – I dropped to a nice and hard gear, got on the drops… and died on my arse trying to make it up the other side. Woah Nelly. What a terrible idea. Lessons learned.

Now the rest of the ride was a bit shorter than I’d have liked. As yesterday my timing was bad so I didn’t get as much time out on the road as I thought I would. And when I got back, I didn’t have time to wash my bike before my dinner break was up. And then I almost ran out of time to have a shower before I needed to get on a meeting…

Pretty much sums it all up lately. Everything’s a bit rushed. Maybe that’s why I’m skipping the recovery, because I’m striving to hit some non-existent time or goal somehow?

Bit off. Maybe this follows from the End of Year review post… that’s still fresh in my mind, so maybe that FTP target thing is still too fresh in my head. I really don’t know.

Anyway, whether to take a rest day, a true indoor recovery ride, or do the first Tour de Zwift 2022 ride tomorrow remains to be answered. Let’s see what the new day brings.

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