Endurance In Many Ways

Apparently I have already done this workout before, but I can’t remember doing it. This one was the MyWhoosh Endurance #7 workout.

As per, I had to lower my in-game FTP from 235w to 210w to get the turbo to actually ERG me down to the targets of 73% FTP / 68% FTP, after all this was supposed to be an easier ride.

Also, I needed to actually work during this one. I do prefer working at the laptop whilst on endurance rides, as they are fairly tedious and I need the distraction. But today couldn’t be helped. I had a very long day already before I got on the bike – and it was a very late ride today as I’d worked right through lunch. Then I worked through the ride, and worked when I came off.


It would be nice to say that the work paid off, but the working day didn’t end in a way that felt that way.

Anyway, I got in the session which is the main thing.

Am I race fresh? I don’t feel it, but my Intervals.icu graph currently says my fitness is as high as it has been in months. However I am a massive way away from being ‘fresh’, which is where I am supposed to be ahead of racing. But whatever, I might as well give it a bash tomorrow. It can’t be worse than any other racing week.

So that’s the plan. Rest up and race tomorrow, and hopefully get in some time before the race to spin it out a bit and make up the full hour. We shall see how it goes.

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