Another week, and another uptick. If you haven’t been following along – and if not, I don’t blame you – but I started these SST sessions about a month ago now after some recovery, and couldn’t complete the session at 100% FTP.

Instead I dropped down to 96% FTP Bias and have been ticking it up by 1% each week since. That translates to an extra 5w on the top interval, or the bottom interval… which probably makes no sense. But easier to see with numbers:

  • 96% = 220w / 200w
  • 97% = 220w / 205w
  • 98% = 225w / 205w

Interestingly today felt the easiest of the three, so that feels like solid progress. Hopefully in a couple of week’s time I will have ticked back up to 100% and be able to ‘comfortably’ complete the session. Right now I’m definitely feeling it in that final 10 minutes, but I’m making it through.

Overall then good progress really. Can’t ask for more.

I’m thinking tomorrow is going to be an hours endurance pace on MyWhoosh, following some kind of structured workout. Not sure exactly which just yet.

Then, hopefully, Thursday will be race day. I’d like to get a race in before the start of the Zwift Games. Not 100% sure what that event involves just yet, but I hear it’s mainly racing.

Good times.

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