First Outdoor Ride of 2021

For today’s ride I managed to get outdoors – my first outdoor ride of 2021. Hurrah. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but with rain instead of snow / sleet, and temperatures above 4c all day (ooh, basically Summer), the ice melted and given the choice between another Zwift session or a bit of fresh air, I was out of the door faster than you could say Jack Robinson.

As I’d left it fairly late in the day – after 3pm – my choice of routes was fairly restricted. I couldn’t go too far due to the sun setting around 16:15, and I still don’t have bike lights. Also, I didn’t want anything too strenuous today.

So my route ended up being a bit of a meandering loop around the local roads.

What I was also interested to see today was how the latest national lock down had impacted the roads. I mean, hey, it’s a Sunday, right? Should be quiet anyway. But not really. It was about as busy as the last time I went out before Christmas. Good to see the UK public are taking it more seriously this time around 🙃

I did see way more joggers than usual. However, this could be the post Christmas influx of people who will be largely gone by February. It’s bloody hard work keeping up a routine.

Anyway it is what it is for today. Not a great deal to write about. Not a huge number of opportunities (read: none) to take photos, and besides, last time I went outdoors I happily managed to completely break my phone screen so I can’t actually see or do very much with it at the moment, and a replacement is a fortune, so I’m making do with a loaner replacement.

So yeah, tomorrow being Monday, I think I’m going to have a rest day. I’ve done more this week in last time than I did last week, and these Tour de Zwift rides are kicking my arse… in a good way, but still, a day off the bike wouldn’t harm me, I’m sure.

And hey, I didn’t fall off today either. What an absolute result.

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