Fly Swatter

Today’s ride was taken outdoors because, simply put, it’s a new nicest day of the year. Yesterday was nice, today was nicer.

I repeated the circuit of yesterday, this time in reverse, and this time at less of an intensive pace. Today I aimed for ~2.8w/kg average, which meant a slower overall time and fewer calories burned.

I certainly wasn’t alone out on the bike today, even at dinner time there were loads of fellow cyclists out and about – even more so than usual, thanks to the kids being off school now for Easter.

Aside from cyclists, I was also joined today by flies.

Loads and loads of flies.

For the first time ever I got a fly wedged in the middle vent of my helmet. Disaster. I had to stop, take off my lid, and flick it out. Lovely stuff.

Then not 5km later, it happened again.

If I’m honest, I’m fairly sure it was a different fly… but I can’t be absolutely certain.

Never had that happened to me before, and yet today, twice in 5km. Nuts.

That wasn’t my only fly experience. I got one in the mouth, and another under my glasses. And then I found one taking a free ride on my left shoulder.

Little buggers.

Anyway, it was lovely to be out at lunch. Helps with the stress management, that’s for sure.

Also it was good to stick to my recovery wattage and yet still get in a fulfilling outdoor session.

I’m wondering if I’ll do a rest day tomorrow – allegedly the weather takes a downturn on Wednesday – or if I will do a Zwift session (Tour of Watopia) instead.

We shall see.

But for now I am happy with my start to the week. Only Tuesday, two sunny outdoor rides, and 60km on the board. Can’t knock it.

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