Getting Stoned (Almost)

After knackering myself out doing sprints on Tuesday I ended up needing a rest yesterday, rather than simply having a rest day out of lack of desire to ride. Today I wanted to make up for that. However I’d spent all morning out in Manchester with the kids (forgot to record that), so wasn’t exactly super fresh.

Anyway, I decided to go on a little exploration ride. The aim was to do 30km, or more if I was up to it, and the main thing I wanted to get done was take a trip down a side street I’ve passed regularly now, and having looked on Garmin / Google, knew it went somewhere, but wanted to go down there for myself.

Turns out it was sparsely filled with a mixture of farms and mansions. How the other half live.

Once I’d done that, I came back out on more familiar roads and decided to have a bash around the Guild Wheel. Well, that was a poor choice, given that the kids are now back at school. High school kids, first day back, one of them decided it would be fun to threaten to throw stones at me. Fortunately he bricked it when I got close, the soft sod. If you’re going to risk a beating at least throw the damn stone. But on the flip side, at least I didn’t get stoned.

Fortunately that didn’t put a dampener on the rest of the ride.

I wish I’d gone out without a long sleeve base layer. It was lovely and sunny, and I regretted not being able to cool more effectively, and get a tan. Oh vanity.

So a decent amount of time, calories, and distance. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get in something a little different. Maybe a trip up a hill. Who knows. I’m on my final day holiday tomorrow and my kids are back to school – no plans, but it will certainly be nice to have a day to myself.

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