Go Slow

The smart move today would have been to stay indoors. But I am not smart. I keep saying this. Hopefully I am more than setting the expectation.

With yesterday being a turbo session the first order of business today was to get the bike off the smart trainer and get the back wheel on. There’s pain enough still that I couldn’t do this without coming around to the other side of the bike and using my weaker arm for the task. That should probably have been a warning sign.

But aside from that, honestly it’s not been too bad. I insist on riding and my body will have to adapt to the situation. I know, I know, stupid is as stupid does.

Anyway I did behave outdoors. I took it easy, kept to the cycle paths mostly, intentionally so that with the Bank Holiday foot traffic I couldn’t go too fast even if I had wanted too.

Also today I went over to Amari super cars to get some snaps, as I wanted to do last time I was out that way on a pottering ride. I’m not much of a car man to be honest, but there’s some amazing cars in there:

By and large though I did behave today.

No time pressure meant I could go wherever, but without a route in mind I found myself struggling to find any kind of easy rhythm. I was too hot in my long sleeves and gilet, but too cold when I took the gilet off. Real first world problems I know, but kinda indicative of where I was at both mentally and physically on this one.

Moaning aside, it was nice to get out.

Beyond this I’ve been doing my press ups. What fun that is.

I’ve got a written set of stats on a piece of paper so far. Maybe I’ll accumulate them into a standalone post shortly.

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