Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review May 20th – May 26th 2019

Each week Zwift sends me an email summarising my activity for the week. For previous weekly reviews click here.

Easily the biggest achievement of the week – and of my cycling career so far – was climbing the Alpe Du Zwift. Good enough for a Ride On from Zwift themselves:

With the 2019 Tour of Watopia done and dusted, it frees up my Sunday mornings for a different type of ride. I’d quite like to fill this with another group ride, but may also switch back to 50km+ rides, aiming ultimately to do a century.

The rest of this week was taken at a more leisurely pace as I preserved myself for “the big climb”. I’m glad I did this, whilst still meeting my weekly riding goals of:

  • Ride 100km or more per week
  • Ride 3 hours or more per week

Unfortunately I have no idea how to get my stats back out of Zwift at this point, but from Training Peaks I can see I did 118km, and that took me 4 hours 55 mins.

Each ride this week was approximately one hour. I think I prefer doing shorter rides, but more of them on weekdays.

The graph suffered this week. Some serious sideways action.

I put some of this down to my new shoes and pedals. Switching from trainers + basic pedals + cages, to proper cycling shoes + clippy pedals has taken some getting used too.

I had badly angled my right shoe so that each forward stroke pressed into the front of my shoe, leaving my right little toe very sore after each ride. I fortunately corrected this prior to riding the last stage of the Tour.

What I’ve also noticed is that I’ve been pedaling predominantly on my tip toes. At the most downward part of my pedal stroke, my heel was almost at a 45 degree angle, and now I’m having to concentrate on making sure my heel is flat / fully extended. I’m convinced this has cost me some power as I re-adjust. Time will tell, and hopefully next week the graph continues in a more upward trend.

I aim to get back on the bike tomorrow. Fancy some Volcano Circuits.

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